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Calculate time difference between dates
Recently I needed some code to calculate a users age based on their birthday. There are many different functions that are already created out there that I could have used, but instead I wrote this piece of code. It uses PHP 5 DateTime class to return an array of information pertaining to how old a [...]

Time/Date | Added: 01-20-2010 | Comments Off
Remove whitespace from string
Remove whitespace from the beginning, middle and end of a string.

Basics, Miscellaneous | Added: 10-28-2009 | 1 Comment »
Get date by position (ie. third Wednesday of January)
Allows you to convert: "third Wednesday of January" to the actual date value.

Time/Date | Added: 05-06-2009 | 6 Comments »
Sanitize copy/paste text from word
Sanitize content copied and pasted from Microsoft Word for insertion into database.

Basics | Added: 03-25-2009 | 1 Comment »
Calculate a percentage
Function for simplifying percentage calculations given a numerator and denominator

Math | Added: 03-24-2009 | Comments Off